Iskalnik COBISS
Iskalnik COBISS

The memorial room of Dr. Franc Kotnik

In 1955 Koroška osrednja knjižnica (The Central Carinthian library) bought out the personal library of Dr. Franc Kotnik (1882-1955), Slavist and ethnologist. This way the library gained many ancient materials that have been important for researchers up to today.

Dr. Kotnik’s library is, as a special collection, situated in the corner cabinet of the castle.

The manuscript materials and rarities have been placed in a safe by Dr. Sušnik for protection and security’s sake. Dr. Kotnik’s correspondence is also kept amongst the manuscripts, while his photographic material found its place in the photographic collection.

The greatest treasures of Dr. Kotnik’s heritage are a manuscript hymn-book Cerkvene pesmi (Hymns, 1754) by Luka Maurer, Andrej Šuster-Drabósnjak’s manuscripts, Žegar’s Antikrist (Antichrist, 1767), Kolomonov žegen (The black magic book, around 1800) and Listina Pilatove ustanove (The Pilate’s institution document, 1700).