Iskalnik COBISS
Iskalnik COBISS

Standing orders (Abstract and Price list)

Membership fee

the unemployed free of charge (with appropriate evidence)
youth under 18 free of charge
members of the Slovene library association free of charge (with appropriate evidence)
honoured members free of charge
the central branch staff free of charge
secondary school children over 18 (with appropriate evidence) 6,00 €
students (regular) (with appropriate evidence) 6,00 €
pensioners, housewives 6,00 €
the employed, foreigners 12,00 €

The Reader’s card

at the joining free of charge
lost card replacement 6,00 €

Late fines

books 0,20 € per unit per day (days when the library is open)
other library material 0,20 € per unit per day (days when the library is open)

Interlibrary lending expenses

from other Slovene libraries 9,00 € per unit
to other Slovene libraries 7,00 € per unit



A4 format 0,10 € per unit
A4 double-sided 0,15 € per unit
A3 format 0,15 € per unit
A3 double-sided 0,20 € per unit
A4 format colour 0,45 € per unit
A4 double-sided colour 0,55 € per unit
A3 format colour 0,65 € per unit
A3 double-sided colour 0,80 € per unit

Use of computers

computer free of charge
computer damage cost of repair

Professional advice

processing fot other libraries and institutions 10,00 €/h
preparation of bibliography:

– nonmembers
– members
– entites


10,00 €/h
9,00 €/h
10,00 €/h

bibliopedagogic hours free of charge
user education free of charge

Renting the premises

up to 3 hours 103,00 €
more than 3 hours (up to 1 day) 258,00 €