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History of the library

Koroška osrednja knjižnica dr. Franca Sušnika Ravne na Koroškem (The Dr. Franc Sušnik Central Carinthian Library) continues the work of the former Študijska knjižnica (The Study Library), founded on March 3rd 1949; then Likovni salon (The Fine Arts Salon) and Delavski muzej (The Workers’ Museum) were annexed to the library. The initiators and founders of Koroška osrednja knjižnica dr. Franca Sušnika provided its premises in Ravne Castle, which also sheltered the beginnings of Ravne Grammar School. The library devoted itself to collecting ancient local Carinthian materials and to promoting librarianship in Koroška, while also supplying students and pupils with a wide selection of study literature and reference materials.

In agreement with changes in Slovene librarianship the library was gradually changing its mode of operation. As a result, in 1980 the preceding public libraries formally merged into a unified librarian institution, denominated the Municipal Central Library by the Ravne na Koroškem Cultural Community in 1986.

Nowadays Koroška osrednja knjižnica dr. Franca Sušnika is a public library, designated for a wide group of users, and at the same time the central regional library in Koroška. The library receives the obligatory copies of Slovene prints, it holds the local collection for the Mežiška dolina valley and the Mislinjska dolina valley as well as for a part of the Dravska dolina valley and arranges the local documentation collection of Koroška abroad.

Source: Mrdavšič, Janez. Koroška osrednja knjižnica dr. Franca Sušnika, Ravne na Koroškem, 1989.